Darlingford Waters Boat Club

Our facilities and spaces support great experiences for members

Not only are our members a friendly bunch, but our marinas and facilities are user friendly too, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

We have the most spacious marina corridors and sheltered location on the lake – allowing easy and safe berthing – making for a stress free boating experience.

Wide, stable marinas and well lit walkways provide comfortable and family safe access to houseboats day and night.

We also have an excellent works barge with 240 volt power, LPG at the best prices on the lake (free delivery), ice available, free trailer parking on site and in Eildon, storage sheds for ski boats and other equipment, solid mobile phone reception, washing machine and our infamous ‘big shed’.

At Darlingford, we provide a safe and friendly facility that allows you to enjoy Lake Eildon with the ultimate of ease.

Plenty of car parking and gently sloping concrete steps and concrete ramps to every marina make access to your houseboat easy. Our wide and open marina corridors make for easy and safe houseboat berthing.

Regardless of the lake level, things are easy at Darlingford, particularly access to the marina from your car. Our marina layout allows for concrete steps and ramps to every marina – which means there is no need for mountain goat like antics or long hauls of heavy gear to your houseboat. Just park right by the lake and step right on to the marina. It’s that easy!

Marina access made easy

At Darlingford we’re looking out for you.

With experienced facility management in residence and extensive security in place the marina provides a safe haven for members, their houseboats, family and friends. We have a proven track record of careful monitoring and security of our facility and our members houseboats – keeping your club, your equipment and your houseboat safe and secure at all times.