Darlingford Waters Boat Club

September 12, 2016 Grey Water Update

DWBC Directors have received the below information from Mr John Horton of the Lake Eildon Boat Owners Group – who are acting on behalf of boat owners with regard to the grey water regulations.
If members are already subscribed to the groups mailing list then your should have already received the below information, for those that have not, please find below the latest bulletin.
We recommend all DWBC members are subscribed to the Lake Eildon Boat Owners Group mailing list by emailing John Horton – you can send an email requesting inclusion on this mailing list by clicking here.


From the Lake Eildon Boat Owners Group

As stated in our last bulletin the Dept Energy Land Water and Planning [DELWP] were about to appoint a consultant to examine the current Regulations and assess what amendments are needed and recommend these to the DELWP. The consultant has in his charter to have discussions with us as well as all other interested parties.

They were supposed to be appointed in July but I believe it is only over the last 2-3 weeks that the appointment has been made. They have promised to speed the enquiry by the consultant but it will certainly be many months before the new Regs are in place.

We have therefore adopted a different tack as you can see by our letter to the Minister [click here to download the letter]. Because the consultant will be submitting their recommendations to the DELWP we are therefore asking the Minister to suspend the Regulations as we know them now until the news Regulations are in place. We have given them 14 days to get back to us.

We will keep you informed as soon as we have the results from the DELWP.


John Horton