Darlingford Waters Boat Club

A family and community focus.

With a strong social program and a focus on family and community – Darlingford has a well deserved reputation as the ‘friendly’ club.

We genuinely care for and respect the rights of all our members. Big or small, kids, cousins, friends, cats or dogs – whatever your family might be – you will be welcomed into the Darlingford community, and quickly become part of our ‘family’.

At Darlingford, we provide a safe and friendly facility that allows you to enjoy Lake Eildon with the ultimate of ease..

100% for the environment.

Nestled into the Lake Eildon National Park, Darlingford Waters Boat Club is right at the heart of the pristine Lake Eildon environment.

And heart is something that Darlingford has a lot of – we are proud of our heritage, respectful of our future on the lake, and 100% committed to ensuring that we do the absolute best for the lake environment.

With the constantly flowing Jerusalem Creek feeding fresh water past the Darlingford marinas, our lake waters are sparkling clean and fresh. This gives Darlingford an enviable location in the most pristine location on the lake – and we plan to keep it that way.

Not only is our water clean, but so is our air! With a solar power culture in the club, noisy and polluting generators are a world away from Darlingford – so you can smell the fresh air of the national park, and hear the birds too.

Not only do we keep the lake environment fresh and clean – our Facility Manager keeps our own environment clean and inviting as well – our grounds and facilities are immaculate and our marinas are well maintained so they remain the very best on the lake.

Safety and security – first and foremost.

With an impeccable safety record and the most sheltered location on Lake Eildon, Darlingford is a safe and secure haven for our members and their families.

Not only is the club 100% committed to ensuring the marinas and our facilities are safe, but we take safety on the water and around the club seriously too.

The club offers free and professionally operated first aid courses and CPR refreshers – typically very well attended by our safety conscious members. And with the club registered with the Emergency Marker system, emergency services know exactly where we are in the case of an emergency.

Our resident Facilities Manager is also first aid qualified, and is well versed in boating and marine operations.

With excellent security on site, your family and your boats are always safe and secure.

A knowledge base and a helping hand.

Typically not people to blow our own horn, in this case we will make an exception. At Darlingford what we don’t know about houseboats and Lake Eildon, really ain’t worth knowing!

Darlingford is a club of enthusiasts – people who love the lake, the natural environment, boating, houseboats and the Lake Eildon lifestyle.

And because Darlingford is a club which is owned and operated by its members – for its members – our culture is one of support and sharing.

There is not a single nook or cranny on the lake which our members don’t know about. Between us we have explored every inlet, creek and bay, and we are happy to share – there are no secret spots or carefully guarded locations at Darlingford.

If you have a technical question or problem there is never a shortage of experienced members ready with a solution. Whatever the challenge or question, there is always someone at Darlingford that has “been there and done that” – so help is never far away.

And regardless of whether its a howling gale or a calm day, when it comes to berthing your houseboat your neighbours will always be waiting on the marina ready to lend a helping hand. Its just one of the caring traditions of Darlingford.