Darlingford Waters Boat Club

Welcome to Darlingford Waters Boat Club and our beautiful home on Lake Eildon.

Tucked away in the heart of the Lake Eildon National Park – just a stones throw from Eildon township – Darlingford is a boat club with a difference.

That difference is based around a commitment to our values – the value we give our members, and the value we place on our members. Because Darlingford is owned by members, run by members, and exists for members.

We’re a community of house boating and Lake Eildon enthusiasts – with unwavering commitment to our fellow members, our families, their safety, the environment and our local community.

We also have the best marinas on the lake, the most sheltered and beautiful location, fresh clean water, concrete ramps to every marina, and plenty of parking right near the lake edge.

Darlingford – 100% for family, community, the environment and safety.