Darlingford Waters Boat Club

October 7, 2016 Lake Eildon over 70% and A Marina is all the way home

Lake Eildon has now pushed over the 70% mark. The official level is now 71.79% (7 October). So looking very good for Christmas! As of September 27, A Marina is now all the way home, back in its proper place – thanks Garry and volunteers that helped with this exercise – it is a big job. So Darlingford Waters Boat Club is now looking its best as Lake Eildon rises and Jerusalem Creek inlet creeps its way outward and upwards. Lake inflows on October 5 were a massive 52,000 megalitres, and 6 October inflows were 42,000 megalitres. Here are some photos of the club marinas, moving A Marina, and also a great rainbow shot captured by Jen Forden (prior to the removal of A Marina from its temporary home).

By: Mike Heine
Source: Jen Forden and GMW website

photo-29-09-2016-11-19-31-am photo-26-09-2016-2-07-29-pm photo-26-09-2016-2-08-53-pm