Our Members

The club owned by members, run by members, and existing for members. We welcome new members at Darlingford.

For enquiries or a tour of our club please contact Ric at info@darlingford.com.au or 0428 994 090, or Megan at secretary@darlingford.com.au.

Our Values

Membership at Darlingford is different to the other clubs on the lake.  Darlingford Waters Boat Club is (DWBC) is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of up to 100 Members who acquire Unit Trust Certificates/Trustee Company Shares to obtain rights to moor a houseboat in a pen at the complex leased by the club from Goulburn Murray Water Authority on Lake Eildon.

DWBC was established in 1987 as a not-for-profit club to provide for its members the ability to moor houseboats, and enjoy other jointly owned facilities and services, at a Marina Complex in Jerusalem Creek on Lake Eildon leased from the Goulburn Murray Water Authority (“GMW”). 

As a Unit Trust, members appoint the Trustee Company, Darlingford Waters Marina Pty Ltd, as the trustee of the trust.  As unitholders of the Trustee company, members elect the Board of the Company.  The board is made up of up to ten voluntary Directors who are responsible to the unitholders/shareholders for the effective management of the Trust.

Members can also be social members, where they lease a pen from a full member of the club when available and with approval of the board.

For more information on membership at Darlingford, please see the downloadable information sheet under the Downloads area.

Our Beautiful Marina

Join the Board

Are you interested in joining our Board?

The Board meets monthly, approximately 10 times per year, and works under the AICD Ten Principles that promote Good Governance. A range of resources have been developed to support the Boards commitment to Good Governance, including a Board Agenda and Action List that directly relate to the Strategic Plan, a Board Annual Calendar to capture regular review and checks, Position Descriptions for all Director roles, a Success Plan to ensure a sustainable approach to governance, a Skills Matrix and Nominations Committee for recruiting new Directors and ensuring the Board has Directors with varied and complementary skillsets , and our governing documents including the Unit Holders Agreement, Club Rules, Policy Register and Strategic Plan.

Board terms are on a 3-year rotation with nominations called for prior to the AGM, which is generally held in November each year.

For any enquiries about joining the Board please contact Lisa at secretary@darlingford.com.au

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