Darlingford Waters Boat Club

September 16, 2016 Lake Eildon now at 61%

Lake Eildon continues to rise steadily.

For those that have not been to the club for a while, here are some photos to give you an idea on how things are looking.

As we all know Darlingford Waters Boat Club has the best marina infrastructure on the lake, in the most sheltered location, as these photos show. However the marinas do not move themselves and our Facility Manager Garry has been kept busy moving marinas and keeping up with the rising water levels, thank you Garry.

It is expected that the lake will continue to rise, and as the areas downstream have plenty of water, it is likely that irrigation demands will not be high, so the water in the lake is more likely to stay. This means that we may not have the luxury of bank side parking for cars or trailers this summer, so members are advised to plan ahead accordingly. Further updates to come.

By: Mike Heine
Source: Garry Forden

Photo 16-09-2016, 10 27 28 AM Photo 16-09-2016, 10 27 32 AM